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  • Location Located in the Sunset Mountain Range, Thoraz is just south of the point where two ranges violently meet. The town itself has a small topside encampment that is slowly dwindling away and a vast underground structure that is actually growing despite the apparent lack of need for expansion .
  • Realm Rhugal's Realm
  • Population 11,820: 100% dwarf
  • Shrines/Temples to Dorand, Vorax

The terrain around Thoraz, with its blind cliff sides and jagged inclines and descents, is treacherous. However, far more wildlife is found above ground here than around any of the other towns. Within the dwarven city, every structure has been refined and detailed to exemplify the true essence of dwarven culture and spirit. Over arching pillars, gilded with the finest materials, and wide-mouthed tunnels, carved and decorated with the lore of dwarves, define the atmosphere of the capital city of Rhugal's Realm.