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The World Bank of Layonara has branches in almost every major city on Dregar, Alindor, and Mistone. It's well known as the safest, most dependable method of storing wealth, especially the gold standard currency.

Setting up an account is as easy as introducing yourself to the teller and depositing an amount of gold. Also, for your convenience, you will automatically be assigned a storage chest that can hold up to thirty-six (36) items of any size, weight, or shape.

There is no limit to the amount of gold your account can hold, and even if you withdraw everything, your account will be generously held intact until you are ready to deposit more.


  • A character can access his or her gold and items across the servers.
  • A maximum of thirty-six (36) items can be held in the bank chests, which is the standard storage amount for all containers.
  • The container is for items, not gold. Store gold in the containers at your own risk. Amounts over 50,000 are known to cause loss.
  • The responsibility for gold lost due to storage in a container falls upon the player, and as such is only refundable with the use of a Graceful Plea.
  • See the Player Rules about Muling for more information.