Bilkan Castle: History and Rumors

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Originally the castle started as little more than a lookout tower, merely intending to give the farmers working in the fields along the Great Mesa fair warning should trouble come looming from the north, which, in the days it was built, was scarce anyway.

However, being in such a prime location, more and more people began to settle here. A wall was built around the tower and houses grew up around it. The population grew, and the need for stores and facilities rose. Blacksmiths and tailors moved in and set up local shops, and an inn was built to greet weary travelers from the road.

Eventually, the old lookout tower was knocked down and Bilkan Castle was constructed in its place. The majority of resources required were dragged from the Spine Mountains, and even architects from Mistone were employed to assist with planning and construction. However, shortly before the construction was complete, Bloodstone returned, and the work seemed to grind to a halt.

What was not apparent though is that a series of escape tunnels and safe-rooms were constructed during the apparent halt in order to ensure the safety of the mido, who at this time sought solace in the castle. These passages still exist today.

Over the years and with the guidance of the mido, the interior of the castle now looks more like a large temple to various gods (with a chapel to Toran as the most exquisite) than the seat of government of a kingdom. Great sermons by various priests and priestesses are conducted here, and people come from miles around to pray and meditate as well as learn of some of the teachings of the mido.

Here too are kept some of the finest relics to be found in Tilmar. Dug up by excavators, recovered from shipwrecks, or even donated by adventuring parties, many rare and historical items from history and legend can be found in the Hall of Ages, a highly guarded and admired attachment to the castle.
The hall has objects ranging from dwarven devices, gnomish inventions, and items that many had previously believed were mere legend.

Government and Politics: This is the heart of the Bilkan Kingdom. The mido and kagi reside here, and they make daily decisions that affect the thousands under their rule. Once every 3 months, the mido and the kagi assemble in the castle's halls with the regional sitchu, resolving issues and organizing economy and diplomatic relations.

Although the primary responsibility of the mido, it is actually the kagi who has been arranging this. The mido tends to remain silent during these meetings, rarely speaking out at all until after the meeting when he performs a private sermon to a selected few.

Unlike other countries that attempt to strengthen their defenses and diplomatic standing with other countries, Bilkan's, or rather, the current mido's prime concern is its people and ensuring that a life of peace and harmony can be lived by those within its borders; a philosophy that did not come into effect until the current ruling mido took the throne.