Changelog 4-21

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July 25, 2019

  • Added some nicer animal appearances for some animals
  • 15 new areas! Thanks Tobias! Explore, have fun!
  • Fixed an issue with the object editing system feedback
  • Fixed bugbear encounters in Cave of the Snake
  • Added ~~transcribe to copy text in an object's description to another object. Use quill on one object, then use on another object and then ~~transcribe. This can be useful when using the Map Pin Editing system to create a note from the notepad then transcribe it to an easel for example.
  • Furniture placing changes
    • The PC takes on the shape of the furniture they're trying to place then can move it where they wish, PCs use =c furnset to set it (alternatively you can just try resting. Use =c furncancel to cancel and get the deed back
    • Grid lines are painted on the ground for the PC to help line up objects
    • PCs can use =c face 180 for example to rotate themselves for better furniture alignment. (Tip: Use this before you use the deed as when you use this command as a furniture appearance the angle might not get updated perfectly on your client)
    • PCs can revert to the old way of placing furniture with =c toggle old_furn_mode