Fort Wailing: Notable People

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Olrinson Merdoff

Olrinson originally operated a small charter boat service between Fort Vehl and Port Hempstead which he sold when mercantile interests began taking over the run with larger and larger ships. A middle aged man, Olrinson is quite tall with broad shoulders and a long beard of which he is very proud. He is known also for his cheery disposition. When he sold the rights to his run to Port Hempstead, he invested in the rights to Caesin, figuring that it might be a good investment. It has paid off for him to a certain extent. He made a lot of money out of the merchants' consortium that set up Fort Wailing and has maintained a suitable income from running the service for adventures and other travelers to the island, as he owns the line rights to the run between Fort Vehl and Fort Wailing. He also transports herbs, spices and rare fungi back to Fort Vehl.

Dern Harkness

Dern is an accomplished warrior who served in the Queen's Guard on Mistone. When Allurial passed away, Dern resigned his post and took an early retirement. He was later employed by the merchant's consortium to head up security for the Fort Wailing mission. Dern realized quite early that the forest had unique properties and while he did his job he was not overly enthusiastic about it. After most people left, Dern stayed on, having come to a degree of mutual respect with the ancient boughs that stood within a stone's throw of the fort's palisade walls. Now he trains the locals in weaponry and combat and helps keep the peace in the small community.