Fort Vehl

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Vehl, being a port town in the south, is quite pleasant compared to the rest of the kingdom, except for its inhabitants. Sandwiched neatly between the Brech mountain range and a placid bay that acts as a port and shipyard, the winds are balmy and the terrain lush, if damp. Shrubs surround the stone and mortar town walls, haphazard but sometimes pruned by the local herbalist. Backyard gardens provide sustenance to those with the patience to grow them, adding another touch of green, and the temperature is moderated by the seas and rarely gets too hot or too cold.

The architecture is tall buildings with small footprints. Cellars, while they would be handy, are simply impossible with the local water table so close underground so adjustments are made upward to provide space. Many buildings have clotheslines strung from window to window, not so much to facilitate the drying of clothes as to provide a quick escape route.