Horn Kingdom

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Disclaimer: this text is not entirely finished and subject to change

  • Location: Northern Belinara
  • Capital City: Whitehorn with the crown in Fort Horn
  • Population: 35,000 -60% Human, 35% Elf, 4% Halfing, 1% Gnome
  • Size: TBD
  • Alignment: TN
  • Current Ruler: Queen Dierdre of Horn
  • Founder: Ozlo the Dragon
  • Date of Founding: After Katia's ascenscion

Horn kingdom isn't like most other realms in that they do not have a royal family, instead the ruler is chosen in a unique way.

This way was devised by the dragon called Ozlo at the time of founding of the realm. Every 25 years, the populace gathers and people can be nominated to be the next king or queen of Horn. Seven nominees are chosen and will spend a full day and a full night meditating at the Great Oak. At the end of this 24 hour meditation, it will be clear to the seven who will be the next ruler of the realm. The other six will be the advisors of the new ruler for the duration of the term.
For the duration of the term, the ruler and the six advisors will not use their last names. Instead, they will all have "of Horn"? as last name.

Current State of Affairs:
This kingdom was formed to protect the Great Forest and the Great Oak.

It was mostly left alone by the Green Dragon Cult, as marching on Horn Kingdom would mean many of the Nature friendly forces in the world would come to its defense.

For this same reason, while there are no concrete laws forbidding the slave trade in Horn, slavers tread lightly here.