Horse Riding

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"Ah, the noble steed. Impressive creatures, horses. Are they not? But think carefully, boy. An animal of such size and majesty requires maintenance. Horses are expensive, and though they are stately, their only real functional prospects for a fellow like you is to help you get from one place to the next a little bit faster. You best make sure you can handle the upkeep of the animal before you try and buy one."


  • Medium and large PC's can purchase a horse. Small PC's can purchase a pony.
  • PC's become eligible to purchase a horse at 15th level.
  • Horses come in two colors schemes: Black or Brown. (The exception is the Paladin Warhorse, which is White)
  • Ponies come in three color schemes: White, Paint (white with brown spots), and Brown.
  • PC's who purchase a horse/pony must also purchase a saddle. Once a PC is mounted on their horse, he/she must use the saddle's special ability on themselves in order to dismount.
  • PC's have the option to name their horse/pony.
  • Horses/ponies essentially give a PC the effect of the Expeditious Retreat spell.
    • The effect of the horse/pony does not stack with the Road effect for faster movement.
    • The effect of the horse/pony does not negate the Swamp movement effect, but instead is added on top of the effect. This means that the PC is actually under both the slowing effect (swamp) and the speeding effect (horse) at the same time.