Paladin Warhorse

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"There will come a time, young warrior, as the All-Watching guides you and prepares you for His work, that He will grant you a noble blessing. This blessing comes in the form of a majestic steed, pure as the driven snow, who will carry you swiftly to the places and deeds appointed by His hand."


  • Upon logging in for the first time after reaching the 14th paladin level, a character will find in his/her inventory two new items:
    • The paladin's whistle.
      • Used to summon the warhorse.
    • A saddle.
      • Used to dismount from the warhorse.
  • Once summoned the warhorse will run up to you.
    • At this phase, the warhorse is in party as a henchman; "=s" commands work on the horse.
  • The warhorse has two options:
    • Ride the mount.
      • Riding a paladin's warhorse functions exactly like normal Horse Riding.
    • Release it to the wild.
      • Releasing the warhorse will send it running off after which it will despawn (disappear).
  • Warnings:
    • If the warhorse is killed it must be resurrected before you can summon it again.