Hurm: Notable People

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Regnant Saviar Morgansen - Saviar is a human of middle age and average height with neatly trimmed dark hair slightly tinged with gray. His pleasing features, silver tongue, and muscular build give many the impression of a well to do, sophisticated, and intellectual man of middle years. Many only ever see the suave and generous Saviar. But there are those who soon learn when dealing with him, that the coldness of his dark eyes reflects the depths to which he would descend in order to act against his enemies or those who oppose him. He goes nowhere without his hulking but strangely soft-looking bodyguard. He lives on a well-defended compound in Hurm that also acts as offices to the Silver Swords Trading Company.

Marcheisan Anovarius - He is an ex-Silver Sword mouthpiece, now Saviar's spokesperson and an ambassador to Lord Rael for both Saviar and now Angelica. He's a handsome, dapper human whose past includes bardic talents, oratory skills, and diplomatic training in his home city of Port Hempstead.