Icefall Forest

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The Icefall pines, conifers native to Bastil that thrive in the deep cold, form most of the bulk of the Icefall Forest, along with more conventional conifers, spruce, and other winter trees. Stout winter animals, among them great varieties of fowl, make their home among the sweet smelling trees. Many of the animals live off the ubiquitous lichens that form the base of the great island's food chain. The southeastern region of the forest, closest to the coast and strictly forbidden to all other races, is the home to General C'matka's Deep Winter's Night clan, a group of no less than 400 giants.

Small lumber camps have slowly encroached on the fringes of the forest over the years. Trapper camps within Icefall provide furs and skins not only to the local population but also to the southern kingdoms.

The deep forest hides a few places of interest such as the Icefall Tower, an abandoned wizard's tower that is currently inhabited by unliving beings, and Snowfall Mound, a barren hill nestled in a clearing in the forest that carries a grisly tale of its own.