Snowfall Mound

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Snowfall Mound is deep within the Icefall Forest and north of the Deep Winter's Night's territory. In the years after Knad'radoniad claimed Bastil as his domain, a fortified forest town called Snowfall defied the dragon. The elders and wise men of the town would not accept his emissaries, nor send their own representatives with tributes. Even Asgeir, husband of one of Snowfall's own children, was given no ear in their meetings.

Snow Tooth personally razed the town for the defiance of its citizens. He turned the town into rubble and painted the snow red. Those who dared escape his fury in the initial onslaught were captured by C'matka's clansmen and given to the dragon, to do with as he pleased. Only the elders were spared--the same elders who denied the dragon--for they were to live with the knowledge that all that they held dear was lost because of their foolishness.

In less than a day, the town was razed to the ground. Not a hut was left whole, the snow was reduced to a crimson flow, and the surrounding forest was molested by Knad'radoniad's claws. When the sun set, Knad'radoniad finally breathed his contempt in ice onto the town and ordered that it be kept that way--barren and devoid of life.

As for the elders, some took their own lives, some wandered the land as madmen, and a few wandered from town to town to retell the horrors they saw that day and warn others of the fury of a dragon.

Druids say that the trees that were spared still weep for the murder that was committed at their feet, and that the water they drink from underground still flows red.