Mass Calming

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When an animal(s) perceives a Ranger, Druid, or a Cleric with the Animal Domain, there is a chance that the character's presence will automatically calm the creature(s). A character attempting to calm an animal must approach it empty handed (no weapons, not even a "walking stick"), and must do so before any other party member approaches. If the animal or the character is fighting at the time, the character can't calm anything.

If a calmed animal is attacked, any other animals around it will also turn unfriendly. If one animal of a group is not calmed, but the rest are, the calmed ones will turn hostile when the uncalmed animal attacks.

If the character is a Druid or Ranger, the character makes an automatic Animal Empathy skill check against a DC of 12 + the HD of the animal. If successful, the animal is calmed for a duration of one second per the calming character's Animal Empathy skill level (i.e. Rhizome has an Animal Empathy of 25 {rank + Charisma modifier + any extra bonus}, which means he can calm an animal for a maximum of 25 seconds).

If the character is a Cleric with the Animal Domain, the check will instead use (cleric lvls + CHA modifier - 6). The used number is also the duration in rounds. In other words, since Animal Empathy isn't attainable as a class skill or cross-class skill for Clerics, the check is based on level.

Once the duration runs out, the reputation is cleared, and the OnPerception script is fired again. Basically, this means that as long as the calming character is not hostile, within perception of the animal(s), and continues to meet or beat the check DC, the animal(s) will remain calm.