Mist: Hierarchy - Nasha

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Nasha: Tide of the West

Nasha was born in the city of Seacove to two very loving mercantile parents. She would work her days in the store and spend the night at the beach gazing out over the ocean, honing her skills to aid the animals and the lands. Her parents could see that her path was going to take her away from their little trade so they simply bided their time with her and utilized her presence as often as possible. Through diligent practice, Nasha became a skilled druid and eventually decided that it was time to leave home and perfect her skills elsewhere. She packed her bags and set up a deal with one of the suppliers to her parents' little store to leave with him on his next visit.

Finally, the day arrived for her to set out. She grabbed her belongings and bade her parent's farewell. She would be sailing to Mistone and working as a healer on the boat to pay her fare. As fate had it, however, the ship never made Port Hempstead. Storms rose and tossed the little merchant vessel about, smashing the hull against giant waves. Her saving grace was her skill as a druid; she turned herself into a fish and swam to shore. There, she found a man from the ship standing unscathed. Clearly he possessed no affinity for shifting. Nasha's curiosity peaked, she asked him how he had survived. The man revealed he was a priest of Mist. He told her of how chaotic furies of Lady Doom had blessed him to safety, and as he told his tale, she was captivated. From that point forward she learned as much as she could about Mist while still fulfilling her duties as a druid. Her devotions to Mist were borne on the same love she had of nature; the ever-changing, the always new. Her resourcefulness and ability to shift forms on a whim caught the Tempest's eye and she was placed as the Tide of the West, a duty she intends to fulfill for ages to come.

Nasha is now a middle-aged woman, with a sparkle in her hazel eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. She carries herself as a much younger woman would, and delights in the changes each new day brings.