Mountain of Titans

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High on the peaks of the Mountain of Titans are giants, more compact than their kin in the forests and plains of the world but no less fierce for it. Nothing is known of these very secretive creatures other than they dress in very little and seem acclimated to the cold. Their skin is bluish, their hair white or grey with the occasional golden head showing up. They use weapons made of obsidian and seem versed in hand-to-hand combat as well; both males and females wield magic based in water and modified with the biting cold of their home. No warm welcome is extended; travelers are treated as invaders and immediately driven off or killed. The entrance to wherever they live has yet to be discovered and at most one would encounter hunters and scouts if one trespassed in the blizzard giant's territory. There are rumors of a temple to Grannoch somewhere near the summit of the Mountain of Titans, but it has not been found either.

Up the mountainside near the Bilkan border and tucked onto a ledge is Buriza-do, a monastery.