Persistent Quickbars

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This system works much like the Persistent Spellbooks system. The system does not differentiate each bar, all three bars are saved and restored as one set when using the commands. So for example Plen might have one of his bars typically used for buffing party members and himself. He can set it up then do =c qb save buffs then once he goes out to battle he can restore his offensive spell bar (that he set up earlier) with =c qb restore offensive

You can even save the custom macros to switch to a different bar as a slot. So for example in my previous case I may make Ctrl-F1 on my buffs bar be a Custom Macro slot with the label Offensive and the command =c qb restore offensive then my Ctrl-F1 on my offensive bar to be labelled Buffs and the command =c qb restore buffs This way I sort of have a quick toggle between the two.

Perhaps your player has many items that they like to use but the bind of equipping/using/equipping what was there previously can use up a costly 3 slots. This shouldn't be a problem anymore. You can even create quickbars for varying types of equipment depending on where you're going.

The commands are:

  • =c qb save name
  • =c qb restore name
  • =c qb delete name
  • =c qb list
  • =c qb describe name
  • =c qb replace name

Replace name with whatever you wish to designate that set of quickbars as.