Persistent Spellbooks

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Are you tired of constantly rearranging your spellbook depending on where you're heading or who you're with? Layonara has a system that saves your spellbooks to the db which you can restore at any time. Here's how it works:

Get your spellbook all prepared and then use the =c sb save command and specify a name for your spellbook, for example =c sb save default.

Now say for example Plen is going to craft a bunch of raise dead scrolls so he replaces all his spells at Level 5 and Level 9 with Raise Dead (he uses Quickened Raise Dead spells so he can craft more at once). Once he's done he can restore his spellbook with =c sb restore default and all the spells he had set up before are replaced once again. Now Plen realizes that it would make sense to actually set up a spellbook for crafting Raise Dead scrolls, so before I craft my scrolls I'll set up a spellbook for that with =c sb save craftraisedead that way before he crafts Raise Dead scrolls again he can just use =c sb restore craftraisedead

Next time Plen is out with a group of people he may want to save his spellbook once it's all set up, he may have many depending on how many people are with him or perhaps his planned role (healing/defensive/offensive). So he might do =c sb save partyof5 once he's all prepared, then he can restore that again later in the future when he's with close to or the same sized party.

Other associated commands:

  • =c sb list will list all your spellbooks
  • =c sb describe bookname will show all the spells (and their metamagic if applicable) for each level in that book
  • =c sb delete bookname will remove a spellbook entry
  • =c sb replace bookname will overwrite the current entry for that book with your current spells

The system takes the first class that is a caster class with a spellbook (Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard) when using the =c sb save command. If you have more than one casting class with a spellbook then you must use one of the following commands:

  • =c sb savecleric
  • =c sb savedruid
  • =c sb savepaladin
  • =c sb saveranger
  • =c sb savewizard

So for example if you had a Wizard/Druid character (Wizard being your first class), if you used =c sb save default for example then it would save your wizard's spellbook under the name default. Then you would have to use =c sb savedruid defaultdruid for the druid's spellbook. Note, all spellbook names must be different per character, even if they're for different spellcasting classes.

If for some reason you have more spells memorized in a spellbook then you have slots available for restoring (maybe you were wearing more modifying jewelry when you saved) then it will just fail to populate those missing slots but everything else will work. If you just type out =c sb you will be told all the available commands.

There is also the Persistent Quickbars system that works in combination with this system.