Pipe Smoking

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Many camp fires and lazy afternoons are enjoyed along with a fine and relaxing puff of smoke. The first thing you'll need to smoke one of Layonara's smokable herbs is a pipe. A pipe may be carved at a wood crafting bench by any novice crafter. The most common pipes are made from Hickory and known for their sweet flavor. Other woods used for pipe-making are much harder to come by, though Kings have been known to entertain guests with luxurious yew pipes, carved and painted with exotic inks.

Once you acquire a pipe, the next thing you'll have to do is buy a leaf press and some flint and steel, or a specialized herbal flint and steel, from any general store vendor. In the various woods, farms, and hills of Layonara's countryside, you'll find harvestable smoking herbs. The most common variety is Flatbottom leaf, since many seeds have been dropped by travelers. Flatbottom leaf is known for both its medicinal and sedative qualities.

When you harvest your leaves they are too moist to smoke. Therefore, you must place them in your leaf press. Strike a bit of flint on your steel, and stoke a small fire in your leaf press. You will have to wait a bit, but soon enough your leaves will be ready to smoke. You then use a leaf and pack your pipe. Use your pipe to enjoy the robust flavors of the smokable herbs you acquired.


  • Pipeweed gives small regenerative properties and skill bonuses if you use the Herbal Flint and Steel to dry your leaf.
  • The regenerative process will be broken if entering combat.
  • The duration of the effect depends on the wood of the pipe:1 Turn for Hickory , 2 for Oak, 3 for Mahogany, and 4 for Yew.
  • Pipeweed smoking causes your thirst to drop a little bit faster.