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There are numerous magical portals to be found across Layonara. Some were placed and absorb a measure of gold coins to power the magic; some are the result of rifts, drains, and other various magical effects. Some are only one-way portals, some two-way, and still others can lead to multiple destinations. One such multiple-destination portal has been copied and mass produced as a luxury furniture item. Though they are particularly costly to buy, these "Housing Portals" have the marked destinations of Center, Prantz, and Arnax, allowing one to travel between three of the world's continents in the blink of an eye. These portals are therefore very popular among wealthy merchants, lords, and adventurers. They have opened up new trade routes and increased the speed at which certain goods reach their destinations. The portals themselves have become increasingly prevalent, to the point that a traveller can count on there being at least one Housing Portal in every major city and township.


  • Housing Portals:
    • Housing Portals may be purchased from the furniture vendors in the real estate offices.
    • Housing Portals essentially give access to three major continents.
    • Housing Portals may only be placed in designated interiors, such as housing purchased from the real estate agent.
  • Other portals:
    • For the sake of exploration, other PC accessible portals are not listed.