Raven Tribe Kingdom: History and Rumors

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The history of Krashin is one of combat and violence. There has always been--and there probably always will be--fighting between the different chieftains of Krashin as well as between families, and these disputes often result in long feuds and much bloodshed. Once, a great white dragon lived on Krashin and held it under her rule. She was known as Fraxhdilakizskar of the Frozen Heart, or more simply as the Biting Wind, and she was feared by all Krashinites. She lived in the High Reaches with the kobolds, who did whatever she bid them to do. She had transformed them all with her icy breath and made them into creatures of ice and cold.

Fraxhdilakizskar lived in the Reaches for a very long time, but eventually the dark elves found an exit to the surface on Krashin. From such a place, they could have staged a large-scale assault on Mistone, but Fraxhdilakizskar was in their way. There was a long battle for the island, but this was never not known to many of the locals as they dared not enter the Kingdom of the Dragon. The war between the dark elves and the dragon ended in a mighty confrontation between a dark elf and Fraxhdilakizskar herself. The dragonShe was killed with a single arrow which pierced her heart and ended her reign of Krashin. Still, she had killed countless dark elves during the bloody siege, and they did not again try to enter in force through the tunnels under Krashin.

Over the last couple of centuries, many a clan has raided the settlements on the coast of northern Mistone. Sometimes even an entire tribe would go on a raid, filling the Great Northern Wash with their longboats. Even the city of Leringard was not safe from these raids. The proud city however, never fell.

Nowadays, instead of fighting, the clan Raven Tribe has chosen to trade with the Mistoners. The main trade item is pelts bought from the other tribes on Krashin and sold to the Mistoners at a good profit.

All four barbarian tribes on this island;, currently ruled by the leader of the Ravens, are at peace with the other world nations. During the Dark Ages, Krashin's denizens grew desperate as they fought off starvation when their crops failed and their livestock died. However, in the years since the clearing of the skies, things have once again grown easier on Krashin, though life remains difficult and full of danger, challenges and hard work for the intrepid souls who make their lives on the icy isle.