Surviving the Early Levels

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Don't try to solo at low levels. Is it possible? Yes. But it'll be frustrating and difficult for most. Find some friends. Talking to them in PM's and deciding what to play and then all starting at the same time can be lots of fun. You will end up with some definite travel companions as well. It is also a good opportunity to role play. Meeting up, hanging out, and getting to know one another in character.

Vehl Crypts. You're going to be there for a while. The Port Hempstead sewers are too basic, the outside too hard at low levels. The crypts are beautiful. Mid sized spawns based on party size. Decent experience. Some tough battles with ghouls and stuff that you often will need to run from, which makes the area fun.

Ranged Weapons. Pre-level 5 they are your friend. Any ranged weapon, good ideas are things like slings for killing skeletons. Throwing axes for fighters (so they retain thier strength bonus to damage if they have one). A heavy cross bow once you can afford it. Darts are also an excellent option. They are light and cheap.

Pool your funds at low level with your companions. The most important thing about starting out is finding people you trust, and using all your found treasure/gold to outfit the party, not the individual. If you're a rogue and use a bow, but the fighter is still in leather armor, instead of spending the 100 gold you have on yourself, give it to the fighter... he can use his gold and yours to buy a better shield or piece of armor. Which means he'll live longer. Which means you'll live longer if you stay behind him and use a sling or whatever else you could afford.

You'll level pretty quick the first few levels. Don't get over ambitious and go exploring till you're well equiped and ready for anything. There are some nice lower level areas around Port Hempstead and Fort Vehl. If you're partied exclusively with low level folks, use them.

Safe rest areas are your friend. Worth the gold, if you have to get the rest of the party to chip in and then all use one room... do it. Two or three gold per person for a room is nice and you fully heal. Great at those levels that you can't quite afford healing from any other source.

Layonara is a roleplaying world. These guides in place to get you started in the world and on have you landing on your feet. The guidelines layed out above encourage meeting other players in the community and thus are intended to promote a roleplaying environment and not a powergaming one. There are vast opportunities for roleplaying and some are discussed in the series of guides that follow this one.