Unholy Champion of Baraeon Ca'duz

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The Prince of Hate, that is what they call him. A fitting name I think, for one who is the very darkness itself, sending out tendrils of vengeance to claim the souls who thought to banish us. For my brothers, we are these tendrils. We are the hate that brings fear and death to the surfacers. Like the spider, we weave our web of torment around our foes, and watch with pleasure as they writhe and struggle to escape. For we, we are the Champions of Baraeon Ca'Duz."
-Unknown Vitate Champion Little is known about the Unholy Champions of Baraeon Ca'Duz, of all the various Champions they are the most subtle and elusive. They are masters of disguise, clutching short swords dripping in poison and clad in armours woven from spider silk so strong, that they rival the metal worn by the lesser races, whilst still allowing them to strike with the silence and precision that have come to define them. They commonly come from the ranks of the Vitate, though it is not unheard of for a Venom or a member of the Eight Eyes to be know as a Venom Champion or Eye Champion of the Eight respectively. All that matters is the willingness and strength to enact revenge upon the enemies of the Lord of Spiders.

(Note: Unholy Champions of Baraeon Ca'Duz take levels in Unholy Champion of Corath due to mechanics.)
(Note: All mechanics listed are specifically for NWN)

Hit Die: d10


BAB: +6
Skills: Hide 5 ranks
Feats: Cleave, Weapon Focus in Shortsword
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Epic Unholy Champions of Baraeon Ca'Duz

Time and time again the Unholy Champion has avenged the transgressions committed against himself, his church and his deity. He strikes with the precision of an assassin whilst having access to the most powerful of Baraeon Ca'Duz's servants. He puts all others to shame with his ability and determination to take revenge in the name of the Prince of Hate.

  • Hit Die: d10
  • Skill Points: 2 + Intelligence Modifier
  • Bonus Feats: The Epic Unholy Champion gains a bonus feat every three levels
  • Special:
    • Sneak attack increases by +1d6 every three levels after 10th
    • Summon Fiend: For every five unholy champion levels above 10th the summoned fiend gains +2 bonus Hit Dice, its natural armor increases by +2, and its Strength and Intelligence each increase by +1

Epic Unholy Champion of Baraeon Ca'Duz (Corath) Bonus Feats List:

  • Armor Skin
  • Devastating Critical
  • Epic Toughness
  • Epic Weapon Focus
  • Epic Reputation
  • Epic Fiendish Servant
  • Epic Prowess
  • Great Smiting
  • Improved Combat Casting
  • Improved Sneak Attack
  • Overwhelming Critical
  • Perfect Health
  • Planar Turning