Unholy Champion of Pyrtechon

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So much blood! Like a sea it was, it washed over me and hid me from the beast, the monster... little Sarah, she had only seen five summers! And now, only ashes. It was the screams of the live stock that woke us, you could smell the terror. Me and the other farmhands rushed out to see what the matter was, and then we saw it... bigger than any man, covered in blood-red plate, not so much a sword in its hand than a misshapen lump of sharpened steel. You should have seen what it did to the Joneses, that family had been so good to me. I took my own eyes to forget the sight, but the darkness is much worse..."
- Survivor of the Jones Farmstead Massacre Of all the Champions, the Unholy Champions of Pyrtechon are the most widely feared. Their cause is in the purity of destruction, and like the god they worship, they take this to heart with a passion born of rage. They see only the fires of the Destroyer and revel in the anarchy they spread. Tending to be solitary individuals, they wonder the land alone and seek the lives of innocents to show the belligerence of the Raging one too. Grisly trophies often adorn their armor and they wield weapons enchanted with fire to emulate Pyrtechon's breath.

(Note: All mechanics listed are specifically for NWN)


BAB: +6
Skills: Hide 5 ranks
Feats: Cleave, Weapon Focus in Greatsword.
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Epic Unholy Champions of Pyrtechon

Who can truly say what goes through the mind of an individual bent on oblivion? Logic cannot be applied to the destructive force that is the Epic Unholy Champion of Pyrtechon, who has grown to represent the dark malevolence of the Destroyer.

  • Hit Die: d10
  • Skill Points: 2 + Intelligence Modifier
  • Bonus Feats: The Epic Unholy Champion gains a bonus feat every three levels
  • Special:
    • Sneak attack increases by +1d6 every three levels after 10th
    • Summon Fiend: For every five unholy champion levels above 10th the summoned fiend gains +2 bonus Hit Dice, its natural armor increases by +2, and is Strength and Intelligence each increase by +1

Epic Unholy Champion of Pyrtechon Bonus Feats List:

  • Armor Skin
  • Devastating Critical
  • Epic Toughness
  • Epic Weapon Focus
  • Epic Reputation
  • Epic Fiendish Servant
  • Epic Prowess
  • Great Smiting
  • Improved Combat Casting
  • Improved Sneak Attack
  • Overwhelming Critical
  • Perfect Health
  • Planar Turning