Vierdri'ira: Temples

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Every dark elf city has one temple to the Mother of Darkness. Temples are made from black stone'as much as possible. Two red eyes always glow menacingly above the entrance of these temples and only females are allowed to enter. Males entering the temple will be killed. Inside these temples it is very dark with only the slightest purple or red glow to light the way. The main room of a temple is the Hall of Submission, where the dark elves worship their goddess. Murals depicting scenes of the betrayal, scenes of the dark elves starting their realms underground, as well as scenes of birth and raising children in Vierdri'ira's way, cover all the walls in this Hall.

Further inside the temple is the Inner Sanctum, where the most secret and powerful rituals are performed. It is only during these rituals inside the Inner Sanctum that the name Vierdri'ira is used, and the Inner Sanctum is also the only place that the sacred high dark elven language is still used. During all other rites the language used is dark elven, and she is referenced simply as the Mother of Darkness. Since the Inner Sanctum also holds the temple's most powerful artifacts, only the Daughter and the Siblings are allowed to enter.

Females who do not worship her but enter the Inner Sanctum of a temple are to be sought out and killed unless they are converted to worship the Mother of Darkness within seven days. Proof of conversion is given by undergoing a test to demonstrate their loyalty to Vierdri'ira; those who fail will die. This is the same test that all dark elves have to go through to prove their loyalty to their deities and their people. Little is known or disclosed about this test until the time of taking it comes upon the individual dark elf. It is suspected that those so tested are examined directly by one of the deities in order to ensure there's no possibility of betrayal.