White Gate: History and Rumors

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White Gate is a peaceful town, founded in 1405 as the home of Snow Tooth's human congregation, and is well-kept by its master. Traitor's Hold, as it's called by the men of the coast, serves to attract the hopeless and desperate men of the coast into allegiance with the dragon. Its inhabitants are all normal people: men, women, and children from various regions of the kingdom living much like their brethren from the coast. It's quite distressing to the coastal men that their brothers gave up their individual freedom in order to serve a master, but it's also distressing for the men of White Gate that their brethren refuse the dragon's graces--especially since he has yet to take away any of their liberties.

Knad'radoniad understands that humans are a necessary part of his power. Who else can trade with the other kingdoms, fish for him, and make the pretty items that his other minions can't? With this in mind, Snow Tooth built an ideal human town that lives without his interventions and serves him whenever he wishes. He has forbidden any attacks or raids upon White Gate and treats the men there with great respect, a sure sign that he has special plans for them.