White Horn Forest

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Just north of the Hammerbound Peaks, the White Horn Forest sits as the northernmost territory of Mistone. Settlements in the forest are rare, due to the isolationist nature of the rangers, druids, woodsmen and centaurs who call it home.

For beautiful scenery, the forest is unmatched: placid Unicorn River winds its way lazily through the trees, White Horn Lake sparkles under the suddenly open sky, and a visit to the tranquil Silverdell Grove with its shrine to Katia has been known to rejuvenate many soul-weary adventurers.

The forest is not a visitor's paradise, however; orcs, ogres, orogs and a variety of other foul beings maraud through its trees and glades. Many say that the forest conceals entrances to the Deep, but the civilized denizens of the forest are tight-lipped about the veracity of such a rumor.