Hammerbound Peaks

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The Hammerbound Peaks have lured many adventurers south of the White Horn Forest, their mist-shrouded, snow-capped peaks whispering the possibilities for adventure into the minds of all who look at them.
Though there are occasional small settlements in the mountain passes, most of the territory is wild and untamed. At one time, the mountains were heavily settled, but all that remains of those unnamed towns is ruins and the occasional still-standing tower. Recently, however, people are talking of a dwarven clan living underneath the Hammerbound Peaks.

Various goblinoids call the mountain caves home, and the locals complain of attacks from such creatures as orcs, bugbears, and goblins. Griffons make their nests high in the peaks, and do not like being disturbed.
More powerful adventurers visit the mountains in an attempt to find a way into the sparkling cloud-castles that can occasionally be glimpsed through the mists; the cloud giants who call such places home are reputed to spend time in the mountain areas hunting and foraging.