Whitefall Kingdom: Military

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Knad'radoniad's standing army is rumored to be about 2,000 strong. Their main camp is near White Plains and several simple forts are spread throughout the lands at reasonable distances from the human settlements; Snow Tooth prefers to keep an eye on his subjects.

The army's general and Knad'radoniad's right-hand man is a giant named C'matka. A fierce warrior and loyal general, it is said he was the first to present himself to the dragon and offer his services upon Knad'radoniad's arrival in Bastil. It is also said that C'matka's offer of fealty was a deception and that his true intention was to kill the dragon and claim his lands, but that he was found out. No matter which story is true'if either'C'matka now has his own lands, as well as the burden of forming and leading Knad'radoniad's armies.

The army's bulk is composed of giant berserkers and orcish troops, with kobold mages and shamans playing supporting roles. Most feared by Snow Tooth's enemies are the royal White Storms, a small contingency of loyal, battle-raging giants, all clansmen of the general. They are trained in the use of enormous maces that are reportedly able to flatten even large bears with a single blow. Fishermen of the Northern Banks often see the White Storms with their maces, standing sentry along the northernmost reaches of the shore and keeping an eye on the ships at sea.