Prunilla: Hierarchy - Meadow

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Meadow Vaeran

Born in the vicinity of Port Hempstead into a family wellknown by the halfling culture for birthing strong and faithful followers of Prunilla, Meadow Vaeran was the often ignored middle child of Dolores and Ike Vaeran. While her eldest sister, Harmony, was taught all of the family business, and her youngest sister, Peace, was given the freedom to travel the world, Meadow simply tended to the fields that were under the care of her clan. Slowly learning the ways of the Lady of the Harvest, Meadow was to turn into a full-fledged Lucky Clover when her future husband taught her the wisdom of the hearth.

Meadow's somewhat uneventful life was soon to be shaken to the core when a devastating plague struck many halfling communities living in the Spirit Dunes. While many were at a loss as to what to do about the disease that spread through them, Meadow was driven by something far deeper in her soul. Spending countless days and nights researching possible cures, she stumbled upon her first of many unorthodox solutions to problems of health. From that moment in time, Meadow's reputation slowly began increasing. When a malady is found that has no explanation nor known cure, Meadow concocts ways to deal with them, and at times, uses the diseases to better the halfling life. Rumors began spreading that she was some sort of angelic halfling left by accident in this world by Prunilla. Other darker rumors say she created all the strange ailments that only she could find solutions for. Yet whenever someone meets her in person and sees this simple female halfling dressed in the simplest of robes with a playful smile that couldn't possibly be the source of any evil, they have no arguments against her nature.

The truth is, while many know her as the Chosen of Prunilla, she makes a humble effort to ignore the claim completely, always changing the subject to matters of greater value, such as the time it takes for a pie to properly bake or the results of one of her latest earthworm competitions. Her home, a small tower sitting in the middle of the Ire Mountains where the halfling tribal elders of the Spirit Dunes meet, always has the doors wide open for anyone desiring to speak with her. Meadow's knowledge of herbs, healing, family counsel, or her large vault of gossip, makes it an almost mandatory stop for any halfling that seeks to see it all in the world.