Aeridin: Constellation

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The Triennial Sphere or Life Calendar consists of 12 stars that align in a semi-spherical pattern. Each star alternates to different colors, from silver, to yellow, white, gold, and to a pale blue. The clerics of Aeridin follow this constellation as it rotates throughout the year. As the moons Orn and Ausir hold great importance for the Aeridinites, so does their constellation.
The Triennial Sphere holds very special importance on nights when both Orn and Ausir are full. One of the two moons will make their way into the middle of the constellation on nights like this. It is unknown to any apart from the most powerful clerics of Aeridin what this means.

However, one of the moons fades into the horizon as the night goes on; yet the moon that fills Aeridin’s constellation, is held still in the sky. This is only recorded as happening once every 3 years, hence the name, Triennial Sphere.

Many outsiders know the shrines dedicated to Aeridin are also used as lunar calendars for tracking the mortal and celestial years. It is also believed by the Aragenites that the shrines are used in tracking their beloved constellation as well.