Aragen: Temples

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Temples of this faith are nothing without knowledge. The center portion of these temples is always a library, art gallery, or some other sort of collection of knowledge. The buildings are often built in the shape of a pentagon or octagon with the other needs of the temple wrapped around the center, often called the Lore Chambers. Farther out in the arms of these temples are always the kitchens, and sometimes the kitchens are even located elsewhere on the premises. This is, of course, in order to preserve the very flammable portions of the Lore Chambers.

Bydell Castle

The main temple to Aragen for the public is located in Bydell Castle on Alindor. The temple remained objective during the occupation of Milara's forces as they were before the occupation. When Milara's troops pulled from Alindor into the small area that he claimed as his own, the church again maintained their objectivity. Due to this discipline, the church remained in order and did not lose out in the potential for a great collection of knowledge.

The Keep of the Tome

The temple at Bydell Castle is, however, not the main temple of the faith, which is the Keep of the Tome. Hidden in one of Layonara's mountain ranges, the Keep is where copies of all information gathered by the church is safely stored and transcribed into a massive book, the Tome of Truth. Only those totally loyal to Aragen are allowed entry into the Keep and are able to set eyes on the Tome.