Boyer Kingdom

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  • Location: Located in the northern half of the continent Dregar, the Kingdom of Boyer spans from the Bay of Carocsa at the continent's west coast, to the Sea of Fury in the east.
  • Size: 257,300 square statute miles - Boyer spans nearly 800 statute miles from the east to the west coast and over 300 statute miles at its largest from the north coast to its southern borders.
  • Capital City: North Point with the crown in Boyer's Fort
  • Population: 210,000; 65% human, 15% elf, 10% dwarf, 3% giant, 3% halfling, 2% gnome, 2% orc
  • Founder: Vauqenth Arasstai
  • Current Ruler: Ivar Arasstai
  • Date of founding The first mention of a Kingdom was in the year 344, though Vauqenth founded Boyer's Fort six years prior to this.
  • Notable towns and cities: Boyer's Fort, Bitterridge, Dasbar, Dalanthar, Highpass, North Point, Weston, Willow's Weep
  • Other notable locations: Darkland Mountains, Greyhawk Lake, Greyhawk Mire, River of Shards , Ruins of Madness, Singing Woods, Thunder Peaks, The Wilds, Silver Sun Grove, Xora's Tower

The lands of Boyer vary greatly. The forests of Boyer are dispersed across the continent. Boyer also contains seven different mountain ranges of varying elevations and formation. Each one is as unique as the tales that are told of them. Traversing the Kingdom of Boyer would take an adventurer through almost every variety of terrain and clime.


Each town has a Burgor who serves a role similar to a sheriff. In smaller settlements the Burgor also functions as a mayor. Each region has a Burgomeister, a noble who rules over all the Burgors in his district. The Burgomeister will usually take up residence in the largest or most fortified city within his district and rule that city directly, removing the role of mayor from the Burgor. The High Boyer rules over all of the regional Burgomeisters from his palace in Boyer's Fort, the political and military capital of the Kingdom of Boyer.

History and Rumors

The name, Kingdom of Boyer most likely came from travelers to the region calling the area "the Kingdom of the Boyer" after the title of the ruler of the region. Eventually the region was referred to as simply "Boyer" by the lay folk and "the Kingdom of Boyer" when one needs to sound more ceremonious.


The military is closely tied to the government, both of which are concentrated in Boyer's Fort. Fortunately for many however, the mountain ranges spanning across and through out the kingdom allow for a little less rule on the north west coast of the kingdom.

Notable People

The High Boyer: Ivar Arasstai, a noble and aristocrat, Ivar became the current High Boyer by blood right. A thin man of average height, he is relatively reclusive but very protective of his lands and peoples. He has always supported even a fringe noble in time of need, but pragmatically not generously and something will always be owed in return. He isn't really charismatic personally but he does well by his people and while they may complain about whatever new thing they don't like, someone will always bring up the last famine that he opened his stockpiles to the people to get them through. He's a good planner and economic strategist, though, ironically not a military strategist. He gives the regional nobles a good deal of autonomy to interpret the laws, but if someone goes too far from the general view he is quick to step in and displace the deviant.

Raker Estoum is the epitome of the perfect aristocrat. Tall and dashing, he has never had any trouble at all with turning the head of any lady, noble and commoner alike. He grew up in the court and became Ivar's closest friend despite rumors of animosity between their fathers. Raker developed into a master longswordsman whose skill could not be matched by any other person in Boyer's Fort. He also demonstrated a superb aptitude for military matters and served as an officer in the army, enforcing the rule of law throughout the land. There he learned to value a man for what he could do rather than what family he was from or how much wealth he controlled. Raker was appointed as the military adviser to the High Boyer upon Ivar's ascension to the throne. In public, Raker is deferential to the High Boyer as is befitting an advisor but in private, Raker and Ivar are quite informal with each other as old friends always are.

Totenth Arasstai is the younger brother by two years of Ivar Arasstai, the High Boyer. As a youth, Totenth displayed less aptitude for diplomacy and commerce than did Ivar, preferring instead to focus on matters he considered more interesting and suited to someone of nobility. He considered such things as combat and equestrianism to be more noble pursuits and in fact, organized a small company of cavalry consisting of other sons of nobility that was quite skilled. Slightly taller and more charismatic than his brother, some have wondered if perhaps the crown of the High Boyer might fit his head better than Ivar's. Totenth often disclaims any desire for the title but his sincerity in such claims has convinced few.

Natalya Arasstai is the sister of Ivar and Totenth and younger than both. She is a remarkably beautiful woman. This has served to blind nearly everyone to her equally remarkable intellect. In public, she appears before everyone as the simple doting sister of the High Boyer. However, she holds Ivar's ear in private and he has taken her advice on more than one occasion in matters of court and commerce. She has no lack of suitors but she has expressed interest in none of them. Her personal servants are extremely loyal to her.


Boyer began out of a need for order and as such has remained neutral in its dealings with other kingdoms. There are two exceptions to this: Boyer has maintained a solid trade agreement and an "extended family" relationship with the kingdom of Sedera since the beginning of Sedera, and Boyer has had several territorial struggles leading to political angst with the kingdom of Liwich.