Deliar: Prayers and Holy Days

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Prayers to Deliar are often lighthearted and sometimes comical, always revolving around some aspect of trade or the roads they travel along with all the interesting encounters they might see. They don't pray at any particular time of the day. Instead, they offer words of worship when the time calls for it'after all, you never truly know when destiny will throw you an unexpected curve, and it is best to simply be prepared for all of them. In the long nights on the road, many address Deliar's constellation in conversation about where other forks in life could have taken them.

Prayer said before combat:
"Lucky Wanderer, things are getting tricky, so let's not be hasty on the proper dealing of fate until we've dealt with the angry ones, all right? Then, we can worry about who is going to be the fortunate one after the fact!"

Prayer said when trading:
"Oh great Merchant of Fate, give me the strength to not set the evil, conniving, gold-hoarding guild on fire; instead, offer better services for a cheaper price! This would be most appreciated! Deliar give me the skills to pry wealth from the tight-fisted and the foresight to know where best to use it'and a little to line my own pocket wouldn't hurt!"

Prayers said when traveling:
"Lucky Wanderer, bless this path we take now with as many surprises as you can imagine for us to embrace opportunity as it arrives and make the best out of it. Never think twice of a challenge, for our feet will land safely with your blessings and move along with your lessons.

Luck keep the wind at my back and the sun from my eyes and let each fork lead to a new discovery."

Holy Days
  • Wedding Day

    On the 27th of Jular, all Deliarites interrupt all their business transactions and negotiations to celebrate the most important occasion for the Lucky Wanderer. They gather before nearby lakes or beaches and in a celebration that lasts throughout the night and with lit bonfires and songs, they commemorate the wedding between Prunilla and Deliar. Many theatrical plays occur on this day and are centered on romantic stories, and new loves are often consolidated between those faithful to the couple. The celebration ends early in the morning when everyone is given a small gift from a loved one, something simple and thoughtful, like the ring that Deliar gave Prunilla for their engagement.

  • Midsummer Festival

    On 21st Junar, the Midsummer Festival begins with a week-long party that is celebrated in conjunction with all Prunillites and halflings in general. Gathering in the meeting places of their cultures, the only rule that is followed in this festivity is to have fun. While the Lucky Clovers of Prunilla worry about the food and drinks, those of Deliar instead make sure that all involved are supplied with any means of entertainment available. Hiring distant bards of great renown or the odd performer they've met in their travels, they make sure they are brought to offer their graces to add to the merriment. In Midsummer Festival very little is spared, and this celebration is often a well-earned reward after a long year of work. Many business deals are made during these festivals. Despite the fact that they are encouraged not to do any work, it is often hard to take the merchant out of the Deliarite. So with pie in hand and blueberry juice in another, the most lasting trade relationships are established. In the city of Port Hempstead, this festival takes on an even more important turn as new city officials are elected, and many Lucky Coins are seen milling about promoting their candidates or denouncing some hypocritical lord of the nobles whose sole interest is their pocket. Within the wealthier circles, long-term plans for the city and surrounding regions are reinforced or terminated. They always watch for dangers that may come from those less willing to offer care. The festival ends eventually with a great performance and a lot of paperwork catch up for the busy Lucky Coins.

  • Parting Day

    A bittersweet celebration in which Deliarites meditate on their roots and say their goodbyes to loved ones to begin their path into the unknown. In the Parting Day, those close to the one leaving gather around their wagon with food and drinks to retell stories over an evening fire. Many are gifted with things of both practical use and personal meaning and remain with the one leaving until the brink of dawn when the Lucky Coin sets out on the road. On this day, the one walking will commonly make a promise of something they will accomplish before they return, and many do not come back to their homes until this vow is accomplished' unless some major catastrophe strikes and they are needed urgently.