Dragon Isles

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The Dragon Isles are the islands that lie in between Mistone and Alindor. These islands are rather large, comparable in size to Corsain which is part of the Rohden Alliance. Caesin and Enderal lie closest to Mistone, while Veapra, Girrac and Aryte lie offshore of Alindor's northern coastline. None of the Isles have been settled by the 'normal' races of Layonara, save for a small settlement on Caesin.

While it is true that the islands remain largely untouched by colonizing forces, this does not mean that many have not tried to settle here; it would be quite convenient to have safe harbor towns on these isles, but attempts to colonize the islands have been disastrous. This is probably because of the peculiar creatures rumored to inhabit these Isles. Arcanists from Spellgard have come to the conclusion that for some reason, the Dragon Isles are more "magical" then other parts of Layonara. The reason why is still under investigation.