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"Just like that," the man tells his daughter, watching avidly as she struggles with the knot. "Tie the line onto the rod ... nice and tight now. Yes, that's right, and now the bait. Got it? Good. Now bend your arm back and cast, nice and easy. And now we wait for the hungry little devils to come to us!" he says, grinning.

"Ah, is there anything like it? The sun on your back, the wind in the trees and a lake full of plump ol' trout nibbling at your hook. Nothing better. I tell you, it doesn't get any better than this. Some folks prefer a bow and fishing arrows but not me, no sirree. Give me my rod and reel and a sunny afternoon, and I'm the happiest man on Alindor."

The lakes, rivers and oceans of Layonara are filled with a variety of CNR fish, all of which can be fished for using either a bow and fishing arrows or a rod and line setup.

Fishing with a Bow

  • To fish with a bow, one must purchase fishing arrows from a craft merchant. These arrows come attached to sturdy pre-tied fishing lines so one can reel in his or her catch. Fishing arrows can be used in conjunction with any longbow or shortbow; no special fishing bow is required. To target fish using a bow, select "bash" on the school of fish while holding the bow and using fishing arrows.

Fishing with a Rod

  • To fish "the relaxing way", a character will need to make another trip to a craft merchant to purchase a fishing rod, (small sized characters will need to use the "pocket sized" fishing rod), fishing lines, and either fishing lures or a shovel to dig up live bait.
  • Different kinds of fish prefer different kinds of bait. Depending on what you're fishing for, you may need anything from copper lures to live earthworms or grub worms. Knowing your quarry is crucial, as you won't get many bites using the wrong bait!
  • Live bait can be dug up with a shovel from mounds of earth or worm infested soils. Try looking around for possible sources of bait near known fishing locations.
  • Once you have everything you need, tie your line onto your rod. (You can do this by using the special property of the rod and targeting the line.) Next, tie on either your tackle or put some live bait on your hook, using the special property of the bait.
  • To cast with your baited rod, use its special property on a school of nearby fish. Fishing takes patience, so be prepared to wait a little when you're just starting out, and bring lots of spare worms and lures in case a clever fish steals your bait!

A few final notes

  • Some fish are easier to catch than others. Indiscriminate carp will gobble up almost everything without checking for a hook, while wily old catfish will stump all but the most experienced fishermen again and again.
  • Once you finally catch your fish, roast it over a Campfire and enjoy! Fish may also be eaten raw, but there is a chance of disease. Some fish fillets can be prepared further in an inn kitchen. Honey smoked salmon is a good example - this tasty recipe for candied salmon is a favourite among the adventuring population.