Fort Zakumo

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  • Location Near the northern end of the Spine Mountains, in the Telish Throne, on Tilmar.
  • Realm Telish Throne
  • Population 4,400: 84% human, 8% halfling, 4% elf, 4% dwarf
  • Shrines/Temples to None

Built of timber and scarp stone, the fort is snuggled with its back to a slope and faces south from a slight elevation. The small forest to the north is primarily live oak and dragon trees, and the mountain behind the fort has several mining operations protected by the soldiers of Zakumo. Aside from birds, there isn't much in the way of native fauna; most of the animals are imported livestock. The terrain does provide excellent cover and there is no way to get within the sights of the fort unnoticed.

The building itself is in the Mistone style, a three-story box with cross-timber bracings and two barracks wings. The entire first floor is stone and there is an attached stables and barnyard behind it. The fort also has its own kiln, forge, and baking oven.