Telish Throne

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From the white sands and deep blue water of the Bay of Peace to the cracked, sunburned Redlands, the Telish Throne encompasses a variety of geological features. The sapphire Bay of Peace blends softly into the lush emerald Forest of Voices, which nestles up into a valley of the Spine Mountains near the base of Mount Titan. The Spine Mountains sprawl across the middle of Tilmar, half in Bilkan Kingdom and half in the Telish Throne, and farther north give way to small forest stands of tall trees. North of this is the Sandbar Coast, with rolling beaches to the west and the Redlands to the east stretching from Huangjin to Fort Morllass. The number of animal species was low in the past, island environments being what they are. Some of the native fauna had also been driven extinct by pigs and other livestock that escaped into the wild, but the deciding factor was Bloodstone's march across Tilmar. Resources were absorbed as if Sinthar's army were an island-sized gelatinous cube, and when the occupation was finally ended and the remaining people freed, most of the animals were gone as well as the forests and anything else that was useful. Some remained, such as the sunset warbler, seen only around Sunset Lake, the chindan monkey of the Forest of Voices (although in much smaller numbers), and the red crocodile native to the small islands off the Redlands. But for now, reconstruction has meant introducing non-native species and hoping they breed. Pigs, cows, and horses from Dregar supplement chickens already being imported, and the ever-resourceful rat has made a comeback on the island to the dismay of many.

With the forests nearly destroyed, the few druids on Tilmar have been pressed to help nature return to strength. While red maple, cypress, and lilac have been imported to restart groves, the Tilmar cherry tree grows nowhere else and is being cultivated and replanted from remaining stocks under the watchful eye of Brisbane, the High Druid of Tilmar and Corsain.