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Close to the equator of Layonara, Huangjin is built on mounded dunes covered in tall grass that bump up to the beaches. From the beaches, powdery beige sand rings water so aqua-green it is often called liquid jade. The waves are gentle most days, and the docks extend halfway to Gisi Isle, where the deep ships dock on the northern side.

The continental shelf drops suddenly halfway across Gisi, and along this drop are vibrant and colorful coral reefs and some very fine fishing. On Gisi and around Huangjin both the primary animals found are now livestock, mostly imported, and the same can be said for the groves of trees and most of the edible plants. One brilliant exception is the Tilmar cherry trees, planted around the newly-built goten, which are carefully tended year-round. There are plans to surround the temple to Toran with these trees as well.

The architecture of the island is a mish-mash. Relief efforts brought disparate influences, so the fluid, gently curving stacked roofs of the old ways coexist now with the taller, boxier buildings one would see around Mistone or Alindor. However, the goten and the designs of the new Toranite temple stress the older architecture.