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  • Location Northeastern tip of the island of Tilmar, in the kingdom of the Telish Throne.
  • Realm Telish Throne
  • Shrines/Temples to None

Statute miles of hard-baked red clay undulating in low terraces and gullies captures and radiates heat in this unforgiving desert. Close to Valianto the terrain is shallow steps and drops from years of clay mining. Following the trail of steps leads one to the Yaubu pit, the deepest clay mine on the island. There are no trees, although a careful observer might see remains of stumps under the clay indicating that a forest once stood here. Scrub bursts from the dry cracks like ear hairs on an old man, thin and brittle but with a lovely purple flower cluster that contrasts the start surroundings.

Near the center is the Yaubu pit, deep, spirally terraced, and filled with water at the very bottom. Locals do not go near this place and advise against it, but some hotheads still travel the steep winding ledge down, and often don't return. North of the pit begins those long-dead trees that have not yet been used for forges, kilns, buildings, or firewood. Crossing south to north, gullies created during numerous rainstorms wend toward the coast, and one of the largest falls over the lip of the Yaubu.

The coast itself is avoided, although fish are plentiful and tasty. This area of reddish sand beaches and gently sloping shores is the territory of the red crocodile. Varying from four to fifteen feet long, the red croc, stained by the clay as are most of the animals of the desert, is both hungrier and more cunning than its neighbors around the globe. Lying just under a layer of red mud, snout protruding less than an inch above the surface, the croc will wait for a meal to amble by and strike with a speed that seems impossible in a creature so long and close to the ground. They are also seen sunning themselves on the many small islands that cuddle around the coast as well.

All over the desert, scorpions of varying sizes share crevices with snakes and lizards. Strangely, the huge scorpions found in the Wandering Dunes on Dregar have made an appearance here; some blame an overzealous male druid seen wandering the desert in recent years, others say the waters in the Yaubu pit have special properties similar to that of the waters under the Dunes across the sea. Regardless, both the scorpions and the local snakes grow to huge lengths and the snakes that sun themselves near the water in the pit as Yaubu is called can be four times the length of a human male.

Also found in the Redlands are clay-stained sand dillos, using the bolders scattered across the landscape for cover and shade. These huge, troll-sized creatures bear some resemblance to a gorilla at a distance but up close this regional variety of the dillo is clearly not a simian. Territorial and fierce, the bipedal beast is powerful with thick plates along its back that it keeps dusted in the clay. Resting curled-up next to a rock, back facing out, an observer might not even see the dillo if its three thick, whip-like tails aren't moving. The dillo eats lizards and snakes, but will eat a sentient being if its hungry enough or opportunity arises. If one faces a nest of them in the lee of a bolder, it's advised to back away and run at the first opportunity.