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On the border of the Redlands, Valianto is near enough Sunset Lake to fill barrels but otherwise no forests or trees grow near. There are no farms, few plants and precious little grass. What Valianto is near is the largest deposit of red clay on the island, and for this resource alone it was rebuilt after Bloodstone's march.

The city is small, but this does not detract from the marvel of the clay buildings. Every ornately-tiled home is built with red clay bricks and red clay tiles. The homes are built with multiple openings, covered only at night by brightly dyed cloth or movable screen "doors"?. Leaving them open encourages air flow and makes the heat bearable. Many of the doorways are arched with pillars of clay; Valianto reminds many of the city of Audira remade red. The road is paved with red clay brick as well and the overall effect is that of a city thrust up out of the desert, monotone except for the colorful door covers.

There is some livestock, a handful of dogs and the ubiquitous chickens, but other than that the only mammals around the taun are the residents.