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Built around an oasis that lies only a few hundred feet from a small warm sand cove, Audira is compact for the number of people it holds. The oasis is located near the market center. And while the desert environment is dominant, by the cove there is a long and wide strip of soft grass that lines the docks, dotted with palms and daiitha clumps.

Along with native desert and coastal creatures such as lizards and crabs, there are several livestock pens and a large number of chickens in Audira. Being a major trading post one can purchase oxen, horses, camels, goats, pigs and even sheep (although, the sheep dislike the desert environment and are not shy about letting the world know). Audira has an active Snake Patrol; therefore, a live snake in the city is rare.

Palms are the only trees. Cacti are everywhere for decoration and for eating. There are several bukhonai farmers around the city. At the edge of the cove is grass, formerly deep green now shifted to olive but still alive and a popular place for the children of the city to play.