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Persistent Oxen are a wonderful thing, making mining trips and transportation much easier. These sturdy animals can carry up to forty items in their pack. Stackable items may also be stored in an ox pack, with each stack taking the space of one item. To buy an ox, talk to an ox merchant.

Once you have an ox, click on it to open a dialogue window, which allows you to remove the ox pack in order to manage your new bovine friend's inventory, to lead the ox or tie it down, to load the ox pack back on the ox, or simply to shoo it out of the way. Make sure you don't log off without loading the pack back on the ox. Also, your ox is not a battle-cow, and will probably not survive combat; if your ox does die, the pack will appear on the ground, and you will lose any items if they are not picked up. Oxen are designed for carrying raw CNR, and are not intended as permanent storage for non-CNR. Any item lost on an ox pack, through misunderstanding of the mechanics, or anything else, is subject to the Layonara Grievance Policies

Please keep in mind that any item placed in an ox will have all item enhancements or customization removed; however, this can be used to your advantage if you are wanting to remove enhancements.