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Crafters in Layonara can create several kinds of enhancements, which can improve existing items: Elemental Damage, Alchemical Damage, Archery Specials, and Elemental Resistances. The level requirements for enhanced items can be found here.

  • Enchanters can create elemental enchantments, which add fire, cold, lightning, or acid damage to melee weapons.
  • Four levels of enchantments are available, adding 2, 1d4, 1d6, or 1d8 points of damage.
  • Weapons cannot have more than one elemental enchantment. (See Notes below.)
  • Elemental enchantments can be used ten (10) times on ammunition; once you use the enchantment rod on ammunition, its only good for ammunition after that (can no longer be used on a weapon).
  • You can't use elemental enchantments with Unlimited Ammunition Training trained bows.

  • Alchemists can work with silver to produce enhancements so that weapons will give greater harm to undead and shapeshifting creatures.
  • Similarly, enhancements from titanium can be created that harm creatures not native to Layonara.
  • The same four tiers are available for the metal as the elemental enchantments.
  • Weapons cannot have both a silver and a titanium enhancement, but can have both an elemental and a metal enhancement applied. (See Notes below.)
  • Alchemical enhancements can be used ten (10) times on ammunition; once you use the enchantment rod on ammunition, its only good for ammunition after that (can no longer be used on a weapon).
  • You can't use alchemical enhancements with Unlimited Ammunition Training trained bows.

  • Tinkers can make bow parts that increase the damage an arrow does - for those strong enough to draw the bow after the parts are applied.
  • These Mighty Components, as they are known, are available in three levels, adding 1, 2, or 3, points of damage, so long as the archer has a strength modifier equivalent or greater to extra amount of damage.
  • Compound bow parts can also be made, which add 1d6 damage to critical hits.
  • Fletchers can make arrows of various strengths and killing-effects based on the properties used to build the arrow:

Arrow Properties

Arrowhead Bonus Damage *n Shaft Bonus Damage n Feather Bonus Damage Type
Copper None Hickory +1 Stirge Negative Energy
Bronze 2d* vs Animals Oak +1d4 Falcon Piercing
Iron 2d* vs Constructs Mahogany +1d6 Owl Slashing
Platinum 2d* vs Magical Beasts Yew +1d8 Raven Bludgeoning
Silver 2d* vs Shapechangers and Undead        
Adamantium 2d* vs Outsiders        
Cobalt 2d* vs Aberrations        
Titanium 2d* vs Giants        
Mithril 2d* vs Dragons        
  * Damage Dice (d2, d4, d6, or d8) determined by Shaft   n Damage Type Determined by Feather    
  • For those who seek protections rather than extra damage, enchanters create elemental resistances, which grant either 5/- or 10/- resistance versus a specific kind of elemental damage (fire, cold, lightning, or acid).
  • These can be applied to any equippable item, but will overwrite any other kind of damage resistance, elemental or otherwise.

Rumors abound of other magical artifacts which can confer other sorts of properties, but ordinary Layonarans certainly have little experiences with items of that kind of power.

  • Be aware, adding an elemental enchantment will overwrite any other general bonus damage an item has (such as extra piercing damage), with the exception of bonus damage versus a specific creature type or alignment. On the other hand, titanium and silver enhancements will overwrite any damage bonus versus a specific creature type or alignment, but will not overwrite general bonus damage.
  • For example, if you apply a Fire III rod (elemental enchantment) to a platinum-tipped falcon-fletched mahogany arrow, the 1d6 fire damage from the rod will overwrite (take the place of) the bonus 1d6 piercing damage from the falcon-fletching. However, the 2d6 piercing damage versus Magical Beasts will remain intact, unless you also applied a silver or titanium enhancement to the arrow.
  • Because a crafted arrow's bonus damage type (negative, piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning) is the same for both the general bonus and the damage versus a specific creature type, the bonus damage does not stack. For example, an iron-tipped sitrge-fletched mahogany arrow gets 1d6 negative damage as a general bonus, and 2d6 negative damage as a bonus versus constructs, but that 1d6 general bonus and 2d6 bonus versus constructs do not stack since they are both typed as negative energy. In other words, when facing constructs the arrow applies 2d6 negative energy damage, not 3d6.