Sedera Kingdom

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  • Location: Dregar, occupying the center of the continent from the eastern shore to the Backbone and Viper's Teeth Mountains.
  • Size: insert size
  • Capital City: Audira
  • Population: 120,000: 90% human, 3% dwarf, 3% elf, 3% halfling, 1% gnome.
  • Founder: Stanislava Uvati
  • Current Ruler: Jnaar Itenu Ravorinin
  • Date of founding The year 15
  • Notable towns and cities: Audira, Sandstone, Sloren, Megath, Camel City
  • Other notable locations: Blackfeather Mountains, Great Desert, Gulf of Sedera, Ruins of the Broken, Wandering Dunes

If one travels this dry land east of the Viper's Teeth, it would be understandable if one thought that the entire kingdom was built on a shifting base of nothing but sand. The vast majority of this expansive kingdom is desert. One small corner of the Backbone Mountains is claimed by the Sederan throne, as well as the Blackfeather Mountains. South of the Ruins of Lies are coastal plains and northeast of Megath there are cooler plains with rich loam ideal for farming. On the eastern coast, lies the stunning Gulf of Sedera. But for weeks on end, as far as the eye can see, the vista is softly blending shades of beige and tan. It's no wonder the Sederans have 11 words for sand. Flora is limited: deeply rooted palms with thick trunks, several types of scrub that grow around the palms stands (usually located close to an oasis), a variety of cacti including the edible bukhonai, and the hearty daiitha plant with its thinly husked grains so useful for bread. Inside the deep desert, the animals are largely sand dillos, snakes, scorpions, and some small mammals adapted to dry conditions. The Camel City and the Standing Cities also make use of zsamrals, ahglax, and the ever-present zreass.

There are 11 oases in Sedera, several of them very large. There are no forests.