Bay of Peace

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  • Location The lower portion of the western coast in the Telish Throne on Tilmar.
  • Realm Telish Throne
  • Shrines/Temples to There are three separate shrines to Mist all along the coast of the bay and one to Shindaleria, which is on a rock out in the water that stays above high tide. This rock has grooves and pools that give home to many small sea creatures. The handful that worships Mother Ocean can be seen out on the rock from time to time in prayer.

The bay is one of the loveliest spots on Tilmar. It is a great blue eye with a dark pupil of water where the bay gets very deep in the center. Pale sandy beach forms the lashes that blend into the tall grass and sloping hills inland. Smaller boats often sail past Denshou and land here instead, relishing the scenery and quiet.

Wading birds flock to the Bay, using the tall grass as cover for nests. Little crabs wander by, unconcerned, and the goutaro that cleanse the lands shuffle along the grass and hills past the beach. However, those that swim and dive for oysters and clams are warned; there are big things that swim in the gentle waves, things of teeth and constant hunger. The Bay White and his cousins the sandbar sharks and the striped sharks patrol offshore, their pitiless eyes and sensitive noses always alert for the next meal.

Fishing huts made of scrap and driftwood line the beach in spots. Remnants of the community 'before Bloodstone 'jut out like wooden fingers, and the sand-covered foundations of houses mimic large graves; bridges to nowhere lean precariously. These reminders are being broken down and reused to help the living. Now, there are children laughing and running up and down the sand, who were born never knowing the horrors of the end of the 1300s.

The bay is plentiful, providing yellowstripes, diamond rays, and the huge and tasty drumheads, as well as salt trout and sea bass; on most days, fishing boats can be seen all across the water.