Ilsare: Sects

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While Lady Muse does not lend herself to large, structured organizations, many smaller groups act in her name.

The Heartsong Archers

Ilsare has no martial organization; this small sect is the closest any group comes. Dedicated to artistry with a bow and arrow, the Heartsong Archers honor Ilsare's elven roots and prowess with the bow by learning all they can of it, practicing daily and making art of their weapons. The group does not travel as many other Ilsarian sects do and stays close to the Breath of the Muse, the better to protect the Naves, artists, and hundreds of works there. While they worship Ilsare, their focus is the betterment of their archery skills; therefore, they are considered somewhat apart from the Inspiration. This is not to say they are not appreciated. Many bandits, beasts and thieves have fled the hillside near the River of Reflections with enchanted, ornately carved arrows filling up their backsides, much to the relief of those who attend to the temple.

The Archers are young, having coalesced only in 1398 under the leadership of Abban and Faimir Hanostat. This human couple, rangers both, have attracted a number of like-minded humans and elves and small groups, which help to defend the Kingdom of Brelin as well as the Breath of the Muse. Several archers splintered off to further the enchantment side of their craft and became Love and Magic in 1410.

Love and Magic

Following the doctrine of both Ilsare and Lucinda are Love and Magic. Where the Heartsong Archers see their craft as bows, arrows, and the art of archery, Love and Magic sees it as the blending of Ilsare's creativity and Lucinda's Al'Noth. The two sects are friendly and many of the enchanted arrows used by the Archers come from Love and Magic. Love and Magic trains to protect either goddess and delves into aspects of the Al'Noth that a straight Lucindite would not be able to tap. They are headquartered on Tilmar at the moment, studying the art, music, dance, writings, and magic of the island, but they are not bound to any one location and will pack up and leave if the whim strikes them. Research into mixing spellsinging with the Al'Noth is ongoing in this sect. No one person claims to lead, because the group is small and leadership is determined by situational need and not personal power.

Transcendent Symphony

In Huangjin on Tilmar, a group dedicated to the arts and largely made up of Ilsarians has come, gone, and come again. The Transcendent Symphony performs now from the auditorium built by Marie Hartley, a fifth band devoted to Lady Muse and the idea that artists are inspired by other artists and blossom in an environment that encourages their talents. The Symphony was originally a vocal group founded by Graham Storwick in 1131 but Sinthar's march across Tilmar left the Symphony with only two living members, and the music faded. Marie's dream to revive the unique collective drove her to raise funds, performing concert after concert and seeking sponsorship, and she succeeded.

In the shape of a clam's shell, the new Transcendent Symphony performance hall is a marvel and a must-see in Huangjin. The bottom portion holds tiered seats and the stage, and the top forms a roof to allow presentations in bad weather. The entire structure is rippled like a shell with acoustics that draw musicians from around the world. Those with mage sight can see the massive amount of magic holding the shell halves apart. Behind the auditorium are housing and practice halls. Ilsare's heart motif is prominent here. Each different symbol is decorated with just about anything one can see in the constellation: brushes, clefts, quills, and dance shoes. Marie's vision has gone far beyond the simple singing group that the Transcendent Symphony once was.

The Resonance of Being

Founded in 997 by Ilsarian Freda Buchhauser, this sect is devoted to delving all the secrets of the Heartsong, their name for the tones and melodies of living things. It is from the term Heartsong that Ilsare's common alias came about. Every member is both a follower of Ilsare and a spellsinger. Their potent combination of music, song, rhythm, and emotions can affect the listener far beyond a wayward tear or a happy smile. Spellsingers can speed healing, hasten feet, refresh tired arms and legs, and even cause damage with their voices or instruments. Currently led by Edgar Whenissy, the Resonance of Being lays claim to over a hundred spellsingers worldwide. They are based in Port Hempstead.