King Karem Waylend

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Karem Waylend was the last King of Dregar. The Waylend line took the throne after the dust of the assassination of the last of the Diamoniars had settled. 

Karem was the last direct descendant of his line, a firm believer in law and order, and a devote Rofireinite. Together with Queen Allurial of Mistone, he was one of the leaders in the fight against Bloodstone. He died under mysterious circumstances in 1401, not even a year before the final defeat of Bloodstone. His daughter and potential successor, Princess Kayana Waylend, was beheaded by Lord Rael after Prantz fell to invasion.

Race: Human
Age: 62 at time of death
Location: Karem Waylend is buried in the royal crypts near the former cathedral to Rofirein in Prantz.