Lawful Neutral

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Lawful Neutral characters may be Neutral for a number of reasons. Some may be inclined towards Good, but not committed to it. Others may be trying to preserve a balance. Lawful Neutral characters are more willing than Lawful Good ones to accept harsh punishments for minor crimes; the stability of the system is more important to them than the quality of life under it, or the quality of the results. They are more willing to dismiss the suffering or indignities inflicted on "criminals" or other people that they can isolate from themselves, but they will tend to resist obvious miscarriages of justice.

Lawful Neutral characters tend to have strong personal moral rules, but these rules need not reflect the ideals of Good very well. They are more likely to accept vengance, punishment, and preemptive action than Lawful Good characters are.

Lawful Neutral Characters:

  • Keep his word of honor.
  • Lie and cheat only if very necessary.
  • Never attack or harm an unarmed foe.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Does not use torture unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Never for pleasure)
  • Never kill for pleasure.
  • Usually helps those in need.
  • Works in groups well, especially if it suits his needs.
  • Will quite possibly take dirty money.
  • Never betrays a friend.
  • Has a high reguard for life and personal freedom.