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Qualn: Tide of the South

Qualn was born into a traveling halfling family during a powerful spring gale 129 years ago. Her mother, Celoreaux, was the storyteller for the group. Every year on Qualn's birthday, Celoreaux would tell the story of the massive storm that rocked the lands the night of her birth. Qualn would sit wide-eyed and hope that she would someday see such a storm as the one her mother described; alas, year after year passed with clear skies. Time moved on for the family and finally it was the night before Qualn's 20th birthday. Her mother had planned a huge celebration for her as it would be her first as an adult. She took the family to Huangjin and hired the finest bards for the celebration. During the whole trip, she instructed Qualn on how to draw people into a story and captivate them; for tomorrow, Qualn would tell her own tale as the next storyteller for the family. Celoreaux planned to employ the services of a merchant ship to take the family to Mistone the day after the birthday festivities for fresh trading and performing opportunities.

The sun shone bright on the morning of her birthday and Qualn was most disappointed by it. The day passed as any other but as the night approached the air became still and heavy. As the family prepared for the party and the bards gathered, a group of bandits took this opportunity to attack the small troupe. They fought with all their hearts but the bandits pushed them back relentlessly. One stood with his blade to young Qualn's throat, grinning as he began to push it slowly into the soft flesh of her neck. Qualn squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the blood trickle onto her collar. Her world became spangles and darkness, and she slipped into unconsciousness. As she lay, sticky with her blood and fighting the urge to just let go, the winds began to rise around her and the rain started a steady torrent. She opened one eye to see a blue-robed woman standing over her. The woman shushed her and said there would come a time when her service would be needed. The prophecy of the storm would be fulfilled. The woman left and the storm raged over the entire night.

The next morning, the sun shone again through the clouds and the birds sang as if the night's storm had never happened. Qualn looked about to find the bodies of several family members and a few of the bards from the celebration that never occurred. Frantically, she searched for her mother and found her badly cut and humiliated from the bandit's treatment, but alive. She lowered her lids, placed her storm-chapped hands on her mother's wounds, and prayed to the memory of the lady in blue. At this moment, Qualn channeled the healing powers of the Goddess of Storms. Booking charter on a ship to Mistone, Qualn never disembarked with her mother. She instead chose to remain on board and hone her skills as a ship's healer and learn all she could of Mist. Over the years she grew in power, and became a good-luck omen to the sailors of the ships she traveled on. On a warship docked in Leringard, the lady in blue found her again, and offered her the position of Tide. Qualn recognized the Tempest, and accepted her role as Tide with determination. Her debt of many years past binds her in honor from usurping the Tempest's power.