Raven's Watch

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  • Location Raven's Watch is located on the southern shore of Krashin.
  • Realm Raven Tribe Kingdom
  • Population 25,000: 100% human

The settlements on Krashin are all located at the bottom of the fjords with outlying farms around the main settlement. Few people live in the interior of the land, which is locally known as the Desert; the Krashinite word for desert means desolate or empty.

Typical settlements have a few houses. One end of a house serves as living quarters with a long central fireplace and earthen mounds on either side of the hearth serving as benches while the other end of the dwelling is used as stables. Only the leader of a settlement will typically have both a large hall, used for festivities and sleeping, and a separate building for animals. The richest leaders may even own sheds for their craftsmen to work in.

Transport between settlements is nearly always by sea. Although, individuals carrying little sometimes make overland journeys. The inland areas of Krashin are unsettled, as human life on the island is nigh impossible without access to the seas.